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Why I Started Blogging…

Simply put… it is not easy. Yes… I could not wait to be a mom… but I never planned on being a stay at home mom. I always thought my mom would retire and watch my kids while my husband and I worked. But life doesn’t go as planned and I have learned to roll with the punches… Ride the waves… Go with the flow! However you want to put it I have learned to adapt.

Long story short… after the birth of my first daughter and the realization we did not have daycare (or the ridiculous amount of money needed for it)… I found a position working over night (I am a Pathologists’Assistant). I watched my daughter during the day and worked overnight. Of course that meant little to no sleep but that did not bother me because I would do anything to be with my daughter. I did this throughout my second pregnancy which made it so much harder. I delivered a month early (my little one had plans of her own) and shortly after was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder which ultimately led me to resign.

Now it has been almost 3 years since I have become a stay at home mom (SAHM). I have focused on my health and brainstorming ideas on how I can contribute financially to our family while taking care of my girls. In all honesty, it feels like I never stopped working. Do you know how hard it is to be a full time SAHM?!?! It is harder than working a 9 to 5 job… And an overnight one at that!!! I am on call 24/7, 365 days a year as a cook, chauffeur, stylist, maid, referee, doctor, nutritionist, entertainer and more!!! I don’t get breaks, sick days or paid time off… this Mami Works!!!

As a result, everything is not picture perfect for me and I am not afraid to say it. I want to be that candid voice and share what I have learned… or didn’t learn for that matter. I have been on both sides of the tracks going from a working mom to a SAHM. Finding others with similar stories is comforting and therapeutic. I want to share my story and journey as a wife, SAHM and work at home mom (WAHM) / mompreneur. I know I am not alone and that is why I decided to step WAYYYY out of my comfort zone and write a blog. So buckle up because it is going to be one bumpy, roller coaster ride!

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My name is Michelle and I am the wife of the hardest working man I know, the Mami of 4 beautiful and AMAZING kids (3 girls and 1 boy) and a Pathologists’ Assistant turned Stay at Home Mami turned Owner and Creative Director of Mami Works Design Studio, LLC. I am super excited to share my experiences and learn from you. As women/moms/entrepreneurs, we must stick together and support each other!

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