From Pathology to Graphics: Designing Empowering Visual Narratives for Women in Healthcare.

Service Package

Design On Demand

Our à la carte graphic design service menu that caters to business owners who need a specific marketing asset created but are not ready for a complete package. With Design on Demand, you have the freedom to choose the exact design services you need to help promote your business, brand or product.

This package is for you if you...

  • Are you a woman business owner and need a specific marketing asset created but you are not ready for a complete package

  • Are spending too much time and energy trying to create a marketing asset when you know designing is outside of your area of expertise and you just want it done

  • Are on a tight timeline and need a quick turnaround of a marketing asset to meet a deadline


  • Meeting your deadline

  • Receiving a professional, well-designed graphic that conveys your business message more effectively making it look more credible and trustworthy

  • Differentiating yourself from the competition so that you attract new customers, retain existing ones, and stand out in a crowded marketplace

  • Working with someone that treats you and your business like family

À La Carte Menu

The custom business proposal worked perfectly, and helped me to secure an expansion on this contract through 2023. Thank You!!!
Deana Jean
Speaker & Business Strategist