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Dear Virus… Mamis Do Not Get Sick Days!

Dear Virus….

MAMIS DO NOT GET SICK DAYS!!! As I write this, my daughters and I are on day 5 of being sick with a “virus”. To add icing to the cake, we are sick at the same time. I mean.. come on! Being a mom is hard enough. With all of the things I juggle on a daily basis… why… and again I ask WHY must you knock me and my daughters off our feet at the same time? Is it because you think that if I am sick and they are sick they are less active which makes it easier for me? You know I don’t have help and hubby has to work right? Well let me tell you something…

Virus… because of you…

1. My youngest was in horrible pain and may need a third surgery. Her last surgery was not as easy as it should have been and I surely do not want her to go through that miserable ordeal again. Do you know how hard it is as a mom to see your child in pain and not be able to do anything about it?

2. I was at the doctor’s office 3 out of 4 days this week for my daughters when I had horrible body aches! One of those days it was snowing and I almost slid in my car into the house because of the ice. Luckily I am a good driver.

3. My oldest missed 4 days of school so there goes her opportunity for getting a perfect attendance award. Yes… I know not many people think about it, but it was something I was hoping for.

4. My daughter’s now know what it is like to watch TV ALL day. I ALWAYS keep screen time to an absolute minimum and have had no choice but to allow it since I do not have the energy to entertain my daughters and they do not have the energy to be entertained.

5. Twinkle (the family Elf on the Shelf) had to hide from the germs in the Christmas tree for three days (at least that’s what I told my daughters) because Mami was too tired and kept forgetting to move her.

But I sit here and I try to look at the bright side…

1. I was able to spend alone time with my oldest daughter which has been hard to do since she started kindergarten.

2. We were all able to catch up on our beauty rest. I mean both my girls haven’t napped everyday for 2 or more hours in almost a year and I haven’t laid on the sofa all day in who knows when?

3. Hubby came home early everyday this week to make sure we ok and made us chicken soup (which so yummy that the girls ate all of it).

4. We provided business to our local pharmacy, pediatrician, Children’s Advil and Kleenex.

5. We were sick before the holidays and will hopefully not be sick on the holidays. Do you hear that… we will not be sick for Christmas!

Honestly virus…

I have had enough of you. You have worn out your welcome and it is time for you to go. I hope you enjoyed your visit and do not expect to see you for a long time. Please remember… MAMIS DO NOT GET A SICK DAY!!!


One Upset Mami



My name is Michelle and I am the wife of the hardest working man I know, the Mami of 4 beautiful and AMAZING kids (3 girls and 1 boy) and a Pathologists’ Assistant turned Stay at Home Mami turned Owner and Creative Director of Mami Works Design Studio, LLC. I am super excited to share my experiences and learn from you. As women/moms/entrepreneurs, we must stick together and support each other!

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