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Why I Became a Beautycounter Consultant….

It all began about 1.5 years ago…

It was then that I learned about Beautycounter from an acquaintance (I had never heard of Beautycouter before). In conversation, I mentioned to her that I really wanted to do work from home to help contribute to the family finances. Her answer was one word… Beautycounter. She explained that she was a consultant for Beautycounter and that Beautycounter was a B-Corp with a mission of getting safe products into everyone’s hands. She offered to let me try some of the products for a few days and challenged me to compare the ingredients on Beautycounter’s Never List (a list of known or potentially harmful ingredients that Beautycounter vows to never use in their products) to the ingredients in the personal care and makeup products my family and I used daily.

Always up for a challenge I did the challenge and boy was I surprised!!! Every product we used had a known and/or potentially harmful ingredient!!! The challenge was eye opening to say the least. By using the Beautycounter products I could immediately see how effective they were. I began to have many… and I mean many… conversations with my acquaintance and my husband about the opportunity to become a consultant. I have a hard time making big decisions because I think about every little detail. This decision was even tougher because of the initial investment and because it was soooo out of my comfort zone. While Beautycounter is an education first (which I know I am good at), products second company… there was still the direct retail aspect which I had absolutely no experience in and it honestly just scared me.

But hesitant and all… I decided it was worth giving it a shot.

First… the mission, the activism, the transparency, the stringent ingredient selection process, the products, the meaningful partnerships with Trusted Non-Profit organizations (Breast Cancer Fund, Environmental Working Group, and Healthy Child Healthy World) and the idea of helping to educate and empower consumers was appealing and far outweighed my fears. I also knew…  most importantly…  that I would be doing this for my family. For our health. For our finances. I will say… there is a big learning curve (which is to be expected) and many ups and downs… but ultimately I am happy with my decision. Because of Beautycounter, my acquaintance is now a close friend and I know I am making a difference by helping to educate others as to the importance of being aware about what they put on their skin. Tell me… how do you feel about the lack of regulation of the ingredients used in the products you put on you and your family’s skin?



My name is Michelle and I am the wife of the hardest working man I know, the Mami of 4 beautiful and AMAZING kids (3 girls and 1 boy) and a Pathologists’ Assistant turned Stay at Home Mami turned Owner and Creative Director of Mami Works Design Studio, LLC. I am super excited to share my experiences and learn from you. As women/moms/entrepreneurs, we must stick together and support each other!

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