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14 Days of Love: Love Your Hair

14 Days of Love is a collaboration of professional women sharing our unique perspectives on what we love and the ways we love.

Ever wonder why we struggle to love our hair? Why we always want what we don’t have? After many years of listening to my clients complain about the hair they were born with, I think I have it figured out!

From childhood our moms, grandmothers and even hairdressers taught us to make our straight hair curly and our curly hair straight. They never taught us how to enhance our natural hair or to work with what we had. We were always taught to change what we have to make it “better.”

If you were born with curls you were probably given straightening serum and a flat iron as a teenager. If you had fine, straight hair you were probably given texture sprays and a curling iron. And so begins the frustration with our natural hair.

So this Valentine’s Day let’s make a vow to embrace our natural beauty and stop fighting what’s natural. It’s time to give our locks some love.

So, If you have straight hair:

You know how low maintenance it is. With a swift twist and a pin you are off to the office looking sleek without even looking in the mirror! Now I know what you straight hair girls are thinking.. yeah right! If only it were that easy to keep all of my hair up and not have it fall out piece by piece.

The truth is that we all need a little help and a little product to simplify things. Your best friend should be Doo Over by Kevin Murphy. This is a dry finishing spray that has tapioca starch which gives the hair a velvety feel while removing excess oil from both the hair and scalp. Using Focusing This Texture, a dry shampoo hybrid on the roots, will help to give your hair some grip so that your bobbies and hair ties don’t slide out. Did I mention that it smells amazing? You can use Doo Over on both freshly clean hair or day 2 hair. Perfect for a girl on the go.

Photo Courtesy of Kalon By Karina

Now if you have curly hair:

You curly hair gals get to reinvent your look daily and I bet you didn’t even know it! You can look cute and sweet with your shirley temple tendrils or wild and sexy with crazy volume and a little frizz. Either way use both looks to benefit your hair routine and maybe even your mood. I’m also personally jealous that you can use all the product in the land in one day and never have to start over! (sorry, straight-haired ladies)

To wake up with a tamer ‘do, try shampooing and conditioning with Smooth Again Wash and Rinse by Kevin Murphy. Follow it up with a Smooth Again treatment to towel dried hair and your won’t regret it. Smooth Again is a great styling aid that is antioxidant rich and uses Baobab oil which is derived from a tree in eastern and southern Africa known as the tree of life. This oil has moisturizing benefits which also improves the hair’s elasticity and tone. You can even comb this treatment through your hair and braid it overnight. Let it loose in the morning for the controlled and tame look.

Have a hot date after work? Simply scrunch some water on your hair and apply Motion Lotion by Kevin Murphy from roots to ends for an even sexier look and feel.

Photo Courtesy of Kalon By Karina

It’s definitely okay to play with different styles and looks to mix it up, but always remember to embrace the beautiful locks you were born with. After all, nobody can rock that look better than you!



Karina Vollano is master stylist and owner of Kalon by Karina located in Trumbull, CT. She has spent the past 15 years working at a high end salon in Greenwich, CT and continues to learn and perfect the art of cutting and styling hair.

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