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14 Days of Love: Love Your Body

14 Days of Love is a collaboration of professional women sharing our unique perspectives on what we love and the ways we love.


As a blogger, unfortunately at times you kind of get use to reading comments from both men and women attempting to breakdown your spirit, judging your character and calling you all kinds of names based on what you are wearing or your body size. Let’s just say it’s part of the job.

However, what I’m never prepared for are the emotions that run through me when readers share their story of being bullied whether online, at school or at work. Unfortunately, for many of us this is not a new story. We experience this day in and day out, in the news, in the fat memes on social media and in the hateful comments on sites of other women. It’s always hard to think about the advice I would give to my readers. Bullying has become such an engrained part of our society that fighting back on it is not always easy.

Below are a few tips I came up with on how to use your confidence to battle the bullies, the fat shammers and the overall haters in your life.

Step 1…

You are amazing! Remind yourself daily that you are great, beautiful and unique. Yes, if you read my blog then you know how important this mantra is for me. And yes, it might seem silly… but just do it! Trust me on this one! Change the thoughts in your head and soon enough your heart will follow.

Step 2…

Do it for you! If you want to change something about yourself, do it for you and only you. As a chronic yo-yo dieter, I know everything about loosing weight for all the wrong reasons. One year it was to get the attention of the guy I liked, the next it was to crush the ego of an ex, next it was for someone’s wedding. Never was it just for me. It took me a long time to realize that changing myself for others does not work.

Step 3…

Celebrate the amazing person that you are! Ladies, you are more than your dress size. Sit down and make a list of all of the amazing qualities that make up who you really are. Maybe you are an incredible artist or a great dancer. Maybe you are a fantastic mom or a tech wiz. Whatever it is, write it down and celebrate it. You are more than the size of your jeans!

Step 4…

Express who you are through your passions! For me fashion has been my strongest catalyst for finding and expressing my true creativity. For you it might be different. Whatever it is, do it and show the world your cool self.

Step 5…

Own it! It is very difficult to break someone who completely owns who they are. Words are just words. Fat, cow, disgusting, slut, are just words that are only powerful when we internalize them and give them power. Strip these words of their strength in your life and you disarm the haters.

So Ladies…

Hate will always exist but armed with love and self confidence I am ready to take on any fool that may come my way.



Darlene is a spunky everyday corporate professional passionate about her growing career, family, work life, love, body positivity and fashion. She represents the modern day career woman who CAN do it all. Darlene is an avid traveler, holds an MBA in Executive Management, and is fully bilingual in Spanish. Her blog, Suits, Heels and Curves and her self development workshop, Redefining Healthy, encourages women to push past societal boundaries and conquer their fears. She is a frequent blog contributor to Plus Model Magazine and has been featured in Mode, About Style, HuffPost Style, BuzzFeed, Bustle and many more.

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